Q:  I thought kettle corn is suppose to be white.  How come yours is golden?  Is it burnt?

A:  That’s easy question to answer.  We use organic, unbleached cane sugar which is naturally golden.  None of that chemically bleached stuff for our customers!  So, no, it’s not burnt.

Q:  Is is that important to go organic?

A:  Yes!  Non-organic corn kernels are sprayed with pesticides after harvesting (never mind the pesticides and herbicides used in growing regular corn).  The industry does this to keep bugs out and also to give it a longer shelf life?   Our corn must be stored chilled or frozen for this reason (and so should your organic popcorn kernels at home too).

Q:  How come your corn kernels are so big?   I can’t get that big of popcorn at home.

A:  It’s a combination of two things.  1)  Cooking fast at 500 degrees and 2) The special “mushroom” corn we use.

Q:  Is your ingredients fair trade?  Yes.  Our coconut oil from Indonesia and our Himalayan salt from Pakistan is all fair trade.  We don’t believe in making a profit at any cost.  People are most important, whoever and wherever they are!


Please email us any other questions you may have at info@grandpaandsons.com and we’ll do our best to answer you promptly are share those here.